All Downloads provided are made available on a Google Drive Business account with unlimited download speed/bandwidth or via my hoster.

Folder Links

In case you want the direct folder links where I store all backups of the LoE clients, here you go! >>> Google Drive

Last Uploaded Backup

If you prefer official downloads you can get them from the Official Download Page.
DISCLAIMER: I do not take any responsibility for downloaded files other than DropBox, Direct or Google Drive!

LoE v2020.06.01
LoE Version MD5 Hash Size (G-Drive) 588DE4D9868B03B8EC87D975518181AC 1231 MB (G-Drive) 06719ABAA24CCF5664E08C8323515BC2 1233 MB (G-Drive) 0A12849D809E7C4B5310C26787936F1D 1242 MB (G-Drive) 638C3F0C9FFCC0384466ADC415174558 1258 MB

Old Clients

In case the DropBox links are down please use the G-Drive Folder link above instead! I'll most likely cancel my DropBox Account soon.

LoE v2020.03.03
LoE Version MD5 Hash Size (G-Drive) A30F76DDC58E980BD578423389E5FAC0 990 MB (G-Drive) DF12CB9CA2B8E55FAD5C4346CFC61BB9 992 MB (G-Drive) 6F2C901D4F97C80AEF6A3CF45A597E0A 970 MB (G-Drive) F9FA19C540616DB33D0EC7F50B224ABD 990 MB
LoE v2020.02.01
LoE Version MD5 Hash Size (G-Drive) 21DBEA3CFB7F277A168C7E3517BC840C 991 MB (G-Drive) 87091E3440E2FD3BC6967EA534A9C464 993 MB (G-Drive) 71CA38343D26A6931B02E1AA6E1E3F8C 980 MB (G-Drive) 9BA1898DA71D13EAF6FE1C685585379E 990 MB
LoE v2017.10.25
LoE Version MD5 Hash Size (2017-09-09) (G-Drive, Direct) 9331C5819203B346F9769917501E9B25 8 MB (G-Drive, Direct) 35ED7FD55DB0748491BE04DB4CFBAEC2 845 MB (G-Drive, Direct) BEFC68BEEC1A928A69F9E03E6EAD1EBB 847 MB (G-Drive, Direct) 2B64B479B2996E29DA37B9DCF8DB34E5 845 MB (G-Drive, Direct) 8BC5490724DB63CE5DA8818DB21842CE 854 MB
LoE v2017.09.22
LoE Version MD5 Hash Size (2017-09-09) (G-Drive, Direct) 9331C5819203B346F9769917501E9B25 8 MB (G-Drive, Direct) D3763F168A9CE604C06D0BD92528AA0C 783 MB (G-Drive, Direct) D317CD6C1B90F502794C4B7C62C215D1 785 MB (G-Drive, Direct) 9A1A244DC57A08631A73C31558E8585F 783 MB (G-Drive, Direct) DA36E4F51163D6FFAD5816D2D3066FE6 793 MB
LoE 2017-09 (Open Access Release)
LoE Version MD5 Hash Size (G-Drive, Direct) 9331C5819203B346F9769917501E9B25 8 MB (G-Drive, Direct, yaycdn) 74C58846D75A1A479123DFD595DD4ACE 790 MB (G-Drive, Direct, yaycdn) 4F5BA1E27EC6BEBCDC282AE0538A0E7D 778 MB (G-Drive, Direct, yaycdn) DDF367D778ED172A3FFE8EA57207DB16 780 MB (G-Drive, Direct, yaycdn) 8F43551615AFFC50665E01106E969D47 800 MB
LoE 2016-07
LoE Version MD5 Hash 3AABF32DDA54251E3CD39C74E2E50810 60C81811B4C9378B77238A8D6917EAC6 40EA28B2A8AB5B398E744A35CE21605E 5D87C37E95190DC1927360465E1DBB0E 795791DBCA1703A172FFC6A08BF19A38
LoE 2016-01
LoE Version MD5 Hash 72f73b9888fb5505a914de1d25213b26 7d72ea7cd33480aec916c707b6c1a5ef 7e342de80a036c74cbb3b38e29d1feaa 6c9e5d7deee58bea3b1193fded47ad13 c99bedd49ecfbcbc85792cdbabbd47d6 3aabf32dda54251e3cd39c74e2e50810
LoE 2015-08
LoE Version MD5 Hash 516f2661a95a57a0145ce2d983c42296 d2539b7e6c250ba7d05a110326c14233 df86b8ec4358876af4bc1a558cdb5080 93955d76ad9505aab7fb546d5eb66e77
LoE 2015-02
LoE Version MD5 Hash
---- Patched Versions ----
---- Patched Versions ---- 2ebfecdb2b5148d68fcf674b957065a1 414d00d54e22a10d2c64ecbbb2364e46 56e77104ea64797d3bb4844d3bbd888e
---- Unpatched Versions ----
---- Unpatched Versions ---- 7fddf5bf271b41f50f5fe20872ce6acd 869144a990d11eb986c61edae5d363ec 18a26b8fe66ec88c5597e636ecb2b799 e399416e3d355e5a08452e683b3c5375
LoE 2015-01
LoE Version MD5 Hash
Legends_of_Equestria_Launcher.exe 380c3adb11f169e3b2d328c5a7a9a786
LoE-Windows_32 691a2f6bfe270117e86fa89671af457c
LoE-Windows_64 943bbea8eb5f5b5d89ce76658a0af400
LoE-OSX_Uni a9552af00505264c7c1d185f181e9ab8 b5a8fa372222e454cb2220933881b931
LoE 2014-08
LoE Version MD5 Hash
LoE-Windows_32 2014-08-07 16186fbd8680e439a19def7594dc083f
LoE-Windows_64 2014-08-07 6f4063c32df40511e52e71bb981313e1
LoE-Macintosh 2014-08-07 3246ba76b43afcb4d983d9a67ce740b2
LoE-LinuxUniversal 2014-08-07 719c8a7e894795418dc34df5e71a625c

Download Changelog

Date Changes
09.05.2023 18:00 Replaced all DropBox links with Google Drive links due to me cancelling DropBox soon.
20.12.2020 06:13 Updated with the 2020.06.01 client.
13.06.2020 06:13 Updated with the 2020.02.01 client.
31.08.2018 23:40 Probably last update to this site, LoE went public a long time ago. Old ones will stay.
09.09.2017 20:32 Added a timer for the Open Access release and added yaycdn as a third download source.
09.09.2017 19:01 Added Direct links to download directly from this hoster. Not ideal but better than DropBox.
09.09.2017 13:42 Oh hey, I'm back! I'll try to archive as many versions as possible here but I can't promise anything...
01.08.2016 09:31 Moved 2016-07 down to Old Clients. This was probably the last ever update of this site. Bye bye!
29.07.2016 07:56 Added 2016-07 LoE Launcher, fixed wrong date above version (oops...)
28.07.2016 09:02 Changed Website design a little bit (added Logo, Jumbotron Transparency)
28.07.2016 08:12 Added V1 Downloads for Open Server Weekend 2016-07
18.01.2016 14:55 Added Copyrights, Links and a Favicon to this site
18.01.2016 14:42 Added "" to 2016_01, it's a new released version while the OSW was going on
18.01.2016 14:40 Initial release of this changelog box

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